Thursday, July 19, 2012


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I have learned and gone through tons of dollars by throwing away my sponges after awhile. So what i do is i put them in the microwave for 10 seconds and walllllllaaaaa they are good as new..

Step by step instructions on how to... 

1. Make sure that you get the sponge wet with room temp water or cold water does just fine. If you do it with hot water you wont be able to grab the dish sponge because it will be too hot.

2. Once sponge is wet with your choice of water place the sponge in the microwave scratchy part down with sponge side up. as shown in the picture above.

3.  Depending on your microwave I have to hit Time cook. 

4. Put microwave on 10 seconds 

5. Press start. 

6. Let the microwave run the full 10 second and when its done take it out and place it on the counter in your drawer under the sink where ever you put it. Now its sanitized and ready to be used again. Your sponge will steam a little bit thats because of the water thats ok and normal. I love it i used to have to buy sponges at least 2 times a month because i just cant stand using the same one over and over well this has saved me some money big time. 

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