Friday, July 20, 2012


So i found a really really cute way to keep your flip flops from laying every where... I just did this today and thought i would share it with you guys. 

What you will need:
Metal hangers for the many flip flops you have. 1 metal hanger per pair of flip flops any color or size will do
Wire cutters or if you could find a different way to cut them thats cool to
Spray paint Optional
Ribbon Optional 
Glue optional

Step One:
take the metal hanger cut in the middle on 2 sides

Step Two:
flip the corners that are cut upward and make a little design out of the ends so when you go to grab them they do not stab you. shown in the very first picture.

Step Three:
Take some ribbon and you can wrap it around the whole hanger or you can just wrap towards the top of the hanger as shown in the picture above. 

Step Four:
When you have all the ribbon wrapped where you want it make sure to glue the end of the ribbon where you want it.

Awesome idea i did this and i love it. I have like 22 pairs of flip flops and it was great. now my closet is pretty instead of 22 different types of flip flops everywhere.

You can  not do this with plastic for when you try to bend it will break.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Save some money and save your milk jugs. You can use these milk jugs as your watering can. Only its not a can its a jug of empy milk filled with water. So instead of spending money on a watering can wash your milk container out and then take the cap and put holes all over in it and walllllaaaa you have a watering can.



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I have learned and gone through tons of dollars by throwing away my sponges after awhile. So what i do is i put them in the microwave for 10 seconds and walllllllaaaaa they are good as new..

Step by step instructions on how to... 

1. Make sure that you get the sponge wet with room temp water or cold water does just fine. If you do it with hot water you wont be able to grab the dish sponge because it will be too hot.

2. Once sponge is wet with your choice of water place the sponge in the microwave scratchy part down with sponge side up. as shown in the picture above.

3.  Depending on your microwave I have to hit Time cook. 

4. Put microwave on 10 seconds 

5. Press start. 

6. Let the microwave run the full 10 second and when its done take it out and place it on the counter in your drawer under the sink where ever you put it. Now its sanitized and ready to be used again. Your sponge will steam a little bit thats because of the water thats ok and normal. I love it i used to have to buy sponges at least 2 times a month because i just cant stand using the same one over and over well this has saved me some money big time. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Distilled vinegar as jet dry in dish washer.

This one is short and to the point. 

I heard about this in another post. So i thought i would try it before i posted it on here. I hate the smell of vinegar. So  i was very skeptical at trying it because i didnt want to smell vinegar. Well i took the risk and tried it. Instead of buying $30.00's in jet dry use vinegar. put in the same amount that you would jet dry and wallllla your dishes are squeaky clean and there is nothing wrong with them. It doesnt smell like vinegar in your house while its going and your dishes do not smell like vinegar either. 


I do not have a glass stove top but i found this for a friend and thought that i would post this for her and tell her to come here and get the information. So now that i am posting it for everyone please tell me if it works.!! you can find most 
bowl of hot, soapy water
baking soda
1. Fill a bowl with hot water water and mix it with some dish soap. Submerge the rag in the bowl and get it wet.
2. Sprinkle baking soda over cooktop.
3. Remove the rag from the soapy water, squeeze about half of the water from the rag, then lay it over the baking soda. Let the rag sit for 15 minutes.
4. Rub the rag in circles, using the baking soda as a scrub. The more baked on the gunk is, the harder it will be to remove.

Looks pretty good to me.

Dawn Dish Soap and Hydrogen Peroxide Stain Remover

This is a DIY stain remover. I have tried it on several things and it works perfectly. You can do this at home and if you have a dollar tree you can get hydrogen peroxide there. and if you have a Walmart which i am sure every state has like 10 of them you can get dawn pretty cheap.
What You’ll Need:

1 part Dawn dishwashing liquid IF YOU USE 1 CUP OF THIS
2 parts hydrogen peroxide USE 2 CUPS OF THIS ETC.
Yes, it’s also the easiest spot remover you will ever make.

I decided to test it out on my carpet stains. Our high traffic area is the entrance from the garage into our house. The room you walk into is carpeted so I end up with all kinds of little stains all over it. IT WORKED fabulously.. I love it
I poured the cleaner right on the spots and used an old toothbrush to make sure it really got into the carpet. I let it sit for maybe 30 seconds and then I blotted it with a wet towel.
Ta-da! Clean carpet! 

I then scoured the rest of the carpet and hit every other stain I could possibly find.
It works on clothes too. And to think of all the onsies I have gotten rid of! At least I know now so that future onesies can be saved.
Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!