Friday, July 20, 2012


So i found a really really cute way to keep your flip flops from laying every where... I just did this today and thought i would share it with you guys. 

What you will need:
Metal hangers for the many flip flops you have. 1 metal hanger per pair of flip flops any color or size will do
Wire cutters or if you could find a different way to cut them thats cool to
Spray paint Optional
Ribbon Optional 
Glue optional

Step One:
take the metal hanger cut in the middle on 2 sides

Step Two:
flip the corners that are cut upward and make a little design out of the ends so when you go to grab them they do not stab you. shown in the very first picture.

Step Three:
Take some ribbon and you can wrap it around the whole hanger or you can just wrap towards the top of the hanger as shown in the picture above. 

Step Four:
When you have all the ribbon wrapped where you want it make sure to glue the end of the ribbon where you want it.

Awesome idea i did this and i love it. I have like 22 pairs of flip flops and it was great. now my closet is pretty instead of 22 different types of flip flops everywhere.

You can  not do this with plastic for when you try to bend it will break.

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